The Enneagram® and You: Ancient Lenses and Timeless Traits

Sunday June 6, 1-4:30 pm  ZOOM offering

Co-Facilitated by Schawn Kellogg and

guest facilitator Shani Jones, M.Div, MPH, Certified Enneagram Educator 


The Enneagram® is a time-tested model for understanding our unique way of being in the world.  It allows us to explore our authentic self.  It’s a powerful tool for developing self-awareness and understanding of ourselves and others that leads to enhanced relationships, more effective communication, and increased compassion.  It’s an engaging pathway for personal growth and healing as well as for collective transformation that transcends gender, religion, nationality, and culture. The Enneagram® is an effective pathway for intentional inner work that helps us become clearer about our core beliefs, deepens our spirituality, and enhances our emotional intelligence.


Registration fee is $75 (includes materials for the class). Additional $10 fee to complete the online Enneagram® Assessment if you have not taken the assessment previously. When you register for the workshop, we’ll provide you a link to the Enneagram® website where you can complete the assessment prior to the workshop.
*Each paid participant is welcome to invite another guest to attend at no cost. 

To register, email:

Or phone 720-284-1196