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Independent of Spiritual Direction

Working with our dreams opens a communication channel between our conscious and unconscious worlds, allowing us to translate the metaphor and symbol in dream language into a language that is helpful for self-awareness and integration in our awake life.


My dreamwork is based on the Jungian mystical tradition, using projection, and incorporating other Jungian teachings such as anima, animus, archetypes, shadow, and light.  I will create a space which honors your personal dream experience and encourages deepening dream exploration and personal insight. I also offer techniques to help you recall your dreams.

For individuals

$75 for 75 minutes; $250 for 5 sessions (if paid in full by first session)


For your small group (max 8 individuals)

$200 for 2-hour session

Individual pricing/packages available

Enneagram Education
Independent of Spiritual Direction

What if you had a roadmap – a “soul-map” for understanding who you are and what makes the people around you tick  -  A system that integrates your whole being and can be applied to every area of your life?  


The Enneagram® is an effective pathway for intentional inner work that helps us become clearer about our core beliefs and deepens our spirituality.

$75 for 75 minutes; $250 for 5 sessions if paid in full by first session

Individual pricing and design available for churches and groups

All current clients are invited to attend workshops, space available, for no fee.

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 Offering ½ day and full day classes, retreats or spiritual experiences

 Customized for your unique needs and wishes

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Offering 1/2 day and full day classes, retreats or spiritual experiences. See Events page for upcoming offerings!

Customized for your unique needs and wishes.

I'm available to meet in person, by phone or ZOOM


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