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Gratitude Becomes Us

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

“This is a wonderful day, I’ve never seen this one before! ~ Maya Angelou

Angelou’s words remind us of our opportunity to awaken, look around, and recognize that the day we are about to experience is one of a kind. When we notice the little and big ways we are graced with comfort and delights, even within larger concerns or struggles, it changes us . . . the corners of our mouth turn up a little more often.

The best way to live into this is to try it.

I invite you, throughout the day, to notice specific experiences you are grateful for. Spend a moment noticing how you feel.

In my practice, I use a string of gratitude beads, sliding one bead to the top of the strand for each gratitude named. The beads stay where you place them until they are reset for the next day. This small ritual helps to shift perspective over time, gently opening our awareness to a sense of gratitude.

Here is a peek at my gratitude list from a recent day:

  • The Cape Buffalo “I am Who I am” image and poem that came to my email and brought a smile to my face

  • Finding my favorite raisin bread on sale

  • Seeing the hummingbird at my feeder

  • A fellow nurse agreed to cover my holiday-week shift so my husband and I can get away to see our son and his family while he is on leave

  • Gas prices dropped, I filled my tank

  • The man who popped his head around the gas pump and wished me a good day

  • Hearing the voice of a college friend for the first time in 30 years, when she looked me up and called

  • Noticing that the sunflowers I planted last year are spreading

  • A rain shower that started just as I arrived home, I sat on the porch and enjoyed it

  • The pharmacy was (finally) open so I could get my prescription

I invite you to experiment with a gratitude practice of your own. Moments of gratitude are like drops of living water in a Soul’s well. When we are aware of what fills our well, we are more apt to invite those experiences into our life. And so, gratitude continues.

I am hosting a gratitude bead-making circle at my home. I will have everything you need with a variety of beads and charms to choose from or, if you prefer, bring your own supplies. Please see registration information, including a ZOOM option HERE.

Learning to string gratitude beads at Sanctuary Mountain 9/21,

along with Catherine Anderson and Tina Clark; hosted by Kathy Mansfield

Pleased to be on the journey with you,


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1 Comment

Pam Weeks
Pam Weeks
Aug 16, 2022

What a wonderful reminder to be grateful for the small things as well as the big things. When something pleases us, makes us laugh or smile, a good reminder to be grateful. I was glad to read that your Sunflowers are spreading, I remember your blog last year when you had one. To be positive by being grateful.

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