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Angels Among Us

If some see angels, and others see empty space, let them paint the angels.” ~ John Ruskin

An angel sits on a shelf in my home office. She is three dimensional and backlit. Day or night, her light is on. She is a special angel, crafted from a photograph of an angel painting I love.

Though I know she is simply a symbol of protection and guidance, I feel more at peace with her present. I have come to believe that angelic protectors do surround us. Whether they be loving energy from our ancestors, or spiritual beings who help settle and protect us, I feel their care. I sometimes carry an angel token in my pocket, and I’ve handed them out to others too. Some of us carry medallions that depict a saint or angel who is associated with protection, healing, or something in particular we seek. For instance, before he left for military service, my husband’s grandfather gave him a Saint Christopher medallion to wear around his neck. It was the same necklace his grandfather had worn during service in W.W. II. Saint Christopher represented protection and was also a special symbol of their connection to each other. He still wears it, nearly 40 years later.

For some, angels are a reminder of holy messengers described in the Bible. For others, they are a reminder that our individual needs and concerns are held in a spiritual realm, where all things work for good. Angels remind us that we are never completely alone; that even when we are apart from human companions, we are connected spiritually to what we hold most true. Whether with The Great Mystery or a religious figure, the collective unconscious, or the loving intention and energy of others, we are connected.

One morning not long ago, I awoke before my alarm rang. I hadn’t yet opened my eyes, as I thought through the day’s plans. I heard distant whispers. I was home alone, so you might think I would have hopped out of bed to investigate. But I didn’t. I felt instinctively there was no threat. My eyes remained closed as I kept listening for something that made sense. It wasn’t a minute later that I heard a voice emerge from the whispers. “She’s still asleep,” it said. The voice was quiet, yet clear. It was close enough for me to feel the words in my ear. When the whispers faded, I opened my eyes, smiling. It felt special.

I’m not certain the voice was angelic, but I am certain the pleasant voice was meant for me.

How do you feel about angels? Do particular angels hold special meaning for you? Do you have any special angel images in your personal space?

Below are a variety of angel images from a phone album I share with my friend, Kathy. We notice and admire angels and she has photographed beautiful ones from all over the world. I hope you enjoy them, and that they will be a reminder to notice the angels around you.

Photo credit for all photos in above gallery: Kathy Mansfield

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