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The Enneagram - A Pathway to Understanding

“When you give birth to that which is within yourself, what you bring forth will save you.”
~ Gospel of Thomas, Logion 70

“We have never passed on the Enneagram to a group that did not – for one reason or another – find it fascinating . . . it aims to support efforts to let go of or render unnecessary what Thomas Merton calls the ‘false self.’ I know no other means of achieving this more directly than the Enneagram.”
~ Fr. Richard Rohr with Andreas Ebert, “The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective”

The Enneagram is an ancient concept, a theory and a sacred tool which describes dimensions of human experience. It is a roadmap to discover our own best gifts and how to recognize our strivings and liabilities as well. In short, it aids us in our search for True Self.

Since I was introduced to enneagram nearly two decades ago through a series of classes at church, It has continued to ground me in self-awareness and contemplative practice. And when my husband joined me in learning enneagram, it gave us the shared language we needed to navigate marriage by understanding ourselves and each other better.

Sacred Centering is offering a single session introductory course that you are welcome to attend by Zoom (inquire about in-person options). Through years of exploring enneagram thought and application, I have noticed that learning is much more enriching when the time is shared with others. You are welcome to join this class whether you are new to Enneagram or not. When we live fully into a safe space together we share our truths and questions. And we are each better off for hearing the insights of others.

Part of inner work is courage and commitment to practices that reach into our innermost places, where our light and shadows reside. Along with your Source of light and love, I hope you will include the invitations of the Enneagram in your spiritual work. Contact me for 1:1 exploration or join us in class.

Follow this link to read more about the introductory class as well as relationship classes that follow:

See the Facebook Link below if you are interested in a 5 week Series:

(in partnership with FREE SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY)

Pleased to be on the journey with you,


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